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LT-S204 Upright Extrusion 40x24mm aluminum profile for display equipment
5 system grooves
length 6000 mm
weight 1.13 kg/m

Finishes Option
(01) matt anodized silver
(11) polished anodized silver
(20) powder-coated white (RAL9010)
(22) powder-coated white (RAL9016)
* Other surface treatments available.
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Product Details

Half upright extrusion with small hollow with 5 system grooves and 10.5mm groove depth,  aluminum alloy material 6063, special exhibition construction, components for display booth\exhibition booth\pavilion group booth\trade show\back to back booth\fascial board\expo and liner booth, used in exhibition industry. Strong compressive ability, strong enough thickness and hardness, and is not easy to deform. Good surface treatment effect, such as anodize\power coated\silver and so on, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, not easy to scratch, and the material can be recycled. Only a wrench can be used to complete the construction of a booth, 4.3mm groove is compatible with tension lock Z981\Z991 and other display accessories.LT-S204

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