Design and construction of booth display
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When designing and building a booth display, the primary goal is to make it catch the attention of visitors in a very short time, arouse their interest, and make them involuntarily come to the booth display. How can we get to this point?


When selecting the location, we should consider whether the booth display is close to the main passage, bathroom, restaurant, or canteen of the venue, whether the booth display can be seen from a distance, and whether it is covered by the adjacent larger booth display, where the booth display of the main competitor is located, etc.


Usually, valuable and important exhibits are arranged in the right half of the entrance, the heavier exhibits are arranged on the ground floor and close to the exit, the lighter exhibits are arranged upstairs, and the exhibits of the same type are arranged in the adjacent exhibition area. After careful consideration, we should choose the best location as soon as possible.



After determining the booth display, the next step is to consider which products to display.


The products of exhibitors are often of various varieties and specifications, so they have to choose between them. If all the products are displayed, the opposite effect may be achieved. Because too many exhibits will only make the booth look messy, visitors often find it difficult to find the products they are interested in.


When choosing products for exhibition, we should first consider new products. An exhibition is the best opportunity to promote and introduce new products. New products are usually placed in the most prominent position of booth display, and a variety of technical means are used to show and emphasize their innovation.


Secondly, we should consider selecting some goods with good quality, representativeness, and competitiveness in the market. On the premise of highlighting the key points, the products on display should be as diverse as possible, including both high-end products that can meet special needs and high-quality goods for general consumption, to meet the needs of different consumers.


After selecting the exhibits, the exhibits should be placed in the most tangible and conspicuous central position of the booth display, and it is forbidden to usurp the host, so that too gorgeous decorations, too dazzling lights, or too loud sound will distract customers from the product.


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