What are the categories of Standard Exhibition Booth?
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What is the standard exhibition booth?

The booth with the basic furniture configuration is called the standard exhibition booth.


Standard exhibition booths can be divided into three types:


1. Single opening: The Booth has three walls and one opening.


2. Double opening: The Booth has two walls and two openings.


3. The third opening: The Booth has only one wall.


Standard exhibition booth

Bare land: just a piece of land, all other configurations are not required for additional construction and exhibition rental.


Normally, the standard exhibition booth is 3m by 3M and 9M Square. Or 3 meters by 4 meters, 12 square meters. The wall height is 2.5 m and consists of a single wall panel of 1 m x 2.5 m.


To facilitate exhibitors' participate in the exhibition, there are some decorated booths on the exhibition site. This kind of exhibition covers the basic configuration and furniture required by exhibitors, exhibitors only need to simply decorate and place their exhibits.


The benefits of a standard exhibition booth facilitate exhibitors to participate more efficient, standard exhibition booth covers the basic configuration of the exhibition organizers shall prevail.

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