2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services International Events Economic Development Forum was successfully held
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[Exhibition News] 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services International Events Economic Development Forum was successfully held

On the morning of September 2, the first 2022 China International Fair for Trade in Services International Events Economic Development Forum was successfully held in China National Convention Center, hosted by China Conference and Exhibition Economic Research Association and Capital Convention and Exhibition Group and organized by China National Convention Center.


The forum focused on "accumulating new dynamic energy of exhibition to promote new development of the city". Leaders from the Ministry of Commerce, Global Trade in Services Alliance, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, CCPIT, and other competent industry departments, as well as guests from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), France Zhi Ao Exhibition Group and other domestic and foreign industry organizations and professional institutions, gathered online and offline to discuss the development of exhibition economy and make every effort to build a high-end, authoritative and forward-looking forum covering the whole industry chain in the field of the exhibition. The forum provides an exchange platform for authoritative guest representatives of the Chinese and foreign exhibition industry and draws a new chapter in the development of China's exhibition industry.


Speech by Li Weidong

Beijing North Star Industry Group Co. Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Beijing North Star Industry Co.


Xianjin Chen, Honorary Chairman of The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), delivered a keynote speech.


Speech by Vivian Lee, Secretary General of GST Alliance

Mr. Li Weidong, Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of North Star Group delivered a welcome speech, Mr. Gu Xueming, President of the Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, and Mr. Chen Advanced, Honorary Chairman of the UFI, delivered keynote speeches and keynote speeches, Ms. Li Weiwei, Secretary General of Global Trade in Services Alliance, and Mr. Yuan Zaiqing, President of China Exhibition Economy Research Association, delivered speeches respectively. There are research and exploration by industry associations, analysis and outlook by government departments, and experience and reflection by market players, which not only enhance the confidence of the industry but also implement the relevant work plans of the central government and Beijing, and play an active role in promoting the recovery of the exhibition industry and the high-quality development of trade in services.

In the results release session, seven reports were released one after another, including "the 2021 China Exhibition Industry Data Statistics Report" and "the 2021 China Conference Statistics Analysis Report".

At the forum, Li Yalan, Vice General Manager of Beichen Group, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Gas Group, and Chairman of the International Gas Union (IGU), and Li Yun, General Manager of Beijing Beichen Industrial Group Co. The two sides will make use of their respective advantages in the energy and exhibition fields, make full use of the three platforms of the Service Trade Fair, Zhongguancun Forum, and Financial Street Forum to actively introduce more domestic and international energy exhibitions and events, and organize more domestic and international industry interaction activities that "invite in and go out". At the same time, we will establish a long-term mechanism for talent exchange, carry out multi-level and multi-disciplinary strategic cooperation, jointly serve the construction of the capital's international communication center, and help the capital's green and high-quality development.

At the meeting, as an important landing project of the strategic cooperation between the two parties, Cao Yujun, Vice General Manager of Beijing Gas Group, and Wei Mingqian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Capital Convention & Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd, also signed a project commissioning agreement for the 29th World Gas Conference 2025 (WGC2025). The World Gas Conference (WGC) is known as the Olympic Conference of the global gas industry, and China was awarded the right to host the conference for the first time, which will be held in May 2025 at the China National Convention Center I and II. The total exhibition scale of the conference is over 40,000 square meters, and more than 6,000 industry leaders and energy experts from nearly 100 countries are expected to attend the conference.


Beijing Gas Group Co., Ltd. and Beijing North Star Industrial Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


Since 2014, when Chairman Li Yalan of Beijing Gas Group ran for the chairmanship of IGU and bid to host the congress, China National Convention Center received several visits as the bidding venue, and finally helped the congress to successfully bid with first-class venue facilities and perfect service level. With the establishment of North Star Convention & Exhibition Group and its renaming to Capital Convention & Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd. in July 2021, the whole industry chain upstream and downstream business has been continuously innovated and developed in the direction of "internationalization, branding, and digitalization". During the preliminary preparation of WGC2025, Capital Convention & Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd. gradually changed its role from a single venue service provider to an exhibition operator and assisted Beijing Gas Group in completing previous research and exhibition planning for the conference, which was recognized by Beijing Gas Group and the International Organizing Committee.

At the first steering committee meeting of WGC2025 held on August 25, Capital Convention & Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd. was approved as the IGU-approved WGC2025 designated operator (PCEO). After the signing of the commissioning agreement between the two parties at the International Conference & Exhibition Economic Development Forum, Capital Convention & Exhibition (Group) Co., Ltd. will be fully responsible for the conference's exhibition planning, investment, and exhibition recruitment, media promotion, etc., and join hands with Beijing Gas Group to create a top international-level gas event.

In addition, North Star Group and Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute have agreed to jointly establish Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute - North Star Exhibition Research Institute, integrate the advantages of resources, collaborate to cultivate exhibition professionals, create a new model of collaborative education between schools and enterprises in the exhibition industry, and provide support for exhibition talents for the construction of the capital international communication center.

Firm belief, heel things to increase China. The conference and exhibition industry is a strong engine of urban development and the modern service industry. The current impact of the epidemic has not yet subsided, accelerating the recovery of the industry, and the desire to strengthen communication and promote economic and trade cooperation through conference and exhibition activities is stronger than ever.


Summit Dialogue: Convention and Exhibition Economy Boosts High-Quality Urban Development

This forum can be considered timely, laying a solid foundation for enhancing the resilience of the city's economy and promoting the high-quality development of the international exhibition industry and global service trade.

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