The first Global 24-hour Vibrant City Forum was successfully held in Shanghai!
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The first Global 24-hour Vibrant City Forum was successfully held in Shanghai!

On the afternoon of September 6, the first Global 24-hour Vibrant City Forum was held in Shanghai Center. This forum is hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the People's Government of Pudong New Area, and contracted by Shanghai First Financial Media Co., Ltd. and the Administrative Service Center of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, attended and delivered a speech, and Yang Chao, the member of the Standing Committee of the Pudong New Area Committee and deputy head of the district, gave a keynote presentation.


At the forum, Ariel Palitz, executive director of the New York Nightlife Office, and Mirik Milan, the first "night mayor" of Amsterdam, made international connections. The city also released the "Shanghai Nighttime Economic Space Layout and Development Action Guidelines (2022-2025)", and "China Urban Nighttime Economic Index". in addition, it started the preparation and member recruitment of the Shanghai Nightlife CEO Council.


The Municipal Commission of Commerce pointed out that Shanghai will speed up its construction as an international consumption center city, focus on lighting up "one river and one river", improving the "1+15+X" nighttime economic space layout system, and striving to create a waterfront nighttime economic vitality belt. It aims to enrich people’s nightlife from seven perspectives, such as shopping, eating, traveling in the evening, night entertainment, night show, night reading, and night dynamism. Shanghai will continue to create a number of new scenes, new business models, and new models of nightlife, launching a group of "nightlife dream makers" who strive to innovate and light up the city’s nights. In addition, it will continue to develop a number of non-profit projects to express its thanks to people who work up late to contribute to the city's nighttime economy. In doing so, it helps to facilitate the construction of a leading 24-hour dynamic city.


Pudong New Area pointed out that at present, the number of nighttime commercial facilities in Pudong exceeds 20% of that in Shanghai. In the future, Pudong will focus on the construction of an international consumption center, devote itself to the development and innovation of nighttime consumption, and create a new pattern of the nighttime economy that is "one belt, one ring with multiple key areas". In addition, it works to develop a new pattern that integrates business, tourism, cultural and sports exhibitions, and other sectors, exploring a pathway to develop Lujiazui, international tourist resorts, and other demonstration zones with a refined management of the nighttime economy to renew the business card of nighttime Pudong.

According to the Released City Night Economy Index in China, of Shanghai Ranked First on the List.

The forum released the index of Chinese cities’ nighttime economy. Yang Yudong, the chief editor of Shanghai YICAI Media Co., Ltd., interpreted the nighttime economic indicators of major domestic cities. Among the ranking of Chinese cities based on the data from the six dimensions of movies, bars, live houses, and other business models, as well as the flow of people and supporting facilities, Shanghai’s nighttime economy has impressive performance in all dimensions, and the composite index of nighttime economy ranked first in the country, followed by Shenzhen, Beijing, and Chengdu. In terms of business models, Shanghai has formed a core leading area with highly integrated commerce, leisure, and supporting facilities; in terms of population, Shanghai also has active night-time consumer groups covering all over the city. Judging from Shanghai's experience, China's urban nighttime economy will have more diverse activities and carriers. Business, tourism, cultural and sports functions will become more integrated. Also, it will have a broader consumer market.

The country's first urban nighttime economic development guidelines were released to build a new scenario of a "24-hour dynamic city"

The "Shanghai Night Economic Space Layout and Development Action Guidelines (2022-2025)" organized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce was officially released at the "Global 24-hour Vibrant City Forum". The Guideline put forward the “1+15+X” space layout system in which “1” refers to a waterfront nighttime economic vitality belt along the Huangpu River and Suzhou River with their intersection as its core; “15” is the landmark area with the most trend-leading, frequent nighttime activities; "X" means that a number of demonstration projects with nighttime economy features will be carried out in each district. In addition, Shanghai will further improve the refined nighttime economic governance system.

Start preparations for the Shanghai Nightlife CEO Council to build a new platform for the management of the nighttime economy.


Currently, about 60 cities around the world have established nightlife offices. Since the Municipal Commerce Commission and other nine departments issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Shanghai’s Nighttime Economy", there are currently more than 100 nightlife CEOs in Shanghai, who have made significant contributions to the development of the nighttime economy. In order to fully mobilize the resources of all parties, build a platform for industry exchange and cooperation, and strengthen the management of the nighttime economy, Shanghai has started the preparations for the Nightlife CEO Council and made recruitment department information open. The Shanghai Nightlife CEO Council will have an independent operating mechanism and management system after its establishment. It will be committed to promoting the integration of resources and cross-industry exchanges and cooperation of Shanghai's nighttime economy, studying policies and measures to promote the high-quality development of the nighttime economy, and actively making suggestions to government departments. Representatives of 8 sponsoring companies participated in the launching ceremony. They are Huangpu District Lighting Landscape Management Institute, Yicai, Shanghai Jiushi Tourism, FamilyMart, Yuyuan, Ruian Xintiandi Co., Ltd, UCCA, and Shanghai Bar Industry Association. 

Strengthen international exchanges, expand global horizons, and look forward to new trends and highlights of the nighttime economy

When it comes to the international connection part, two overseas guests, Ariel Palitz, executive director of the Nightlife Office from New York, and Mirik Milan, the first "night mayor" of Amsterdam, shared the current status of the night economy and related governance plans in their respective cities via video link. Ariel Pallitz introduced that the New York Nightlife Office set its development direction and navigated through the dilemma of nightlife by holding departmental hearings and carrying out economic benefit surveys. In addition, it worked with all parties launching non-profit projects to solve various problems, providing strong support for the nighttime industry. Merrick Miron said that the night mayor of Amsterdam maintains close communication with the government, the public, and the nighttime industry, and always pays attention to the cooperation with multiple stakeholders to promote the development of the city's night economy.

Shanghai is an ideal city to develop the nighttime economy. According to statistics, there are nearly 6,000 brand chain convenience stores, more than 13,000 late-night restaurants operating after 0:00, and 506 subway stations operating later than 22:00. It has built 3 pedestrian streets running at different time periods, including Fengjing Trail on the Bund, Anyi Night Lane, and Kaitian Jihui, and released 15 landmark places for nightlife, 10 waterfront places where you can experience the wonder of nightlife and 30 excellent waterfront attractions for nightlife. In 2008, the benchmark event IP "Shanghai Nightlife Festival" was successfully held. At the forum, a group of nightlife CEOs, entrepreneur representatives, and "nightlife experience officers" such as Ruian Xintiandi Co., Ltd, Jiuliu Plaza, OATLY, UCCA, and Road Store, etc. carried out discussions and delivered keynote speeches on the new trends, new visions, and new business models of the nighttime economy. 

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