How to make a small Exhibition Booth stand out from the crowd
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With the development of society, trade shows have become an important means for companies to promote their products and business in order to improve their competitiveness with peers and enhance their brand effect. And trade show Exhibition Booths have become an indispensable part of the trade show.

Inevitably, you will find small Exhibition Booths at exhibitions. The reason for a small Exhibition Booth may be a limited budget, a limited expectation of the exhibition, or they just want to try it out because their competitors are also there. But even a trade show or congress with a small Exhibition Booth costs a lot of time and money, so you should try to make the most of it! Why not try the following ways that can make a small Exhibition Booth stand out from the crowd.

Exhibition Booth

1. Lighting.

Don't skimp on lighting. Too much light is never actually enough, unless you want to create a cozy bar atmosphere. Lots of lighting makes your Exhibition Booth stand out. In addition, much lighting almost always creates a more professional look. The opposite is also true; too little lighting can make your Exhibition Booth look shabby.

2. Floor coverings.

Your floor coverings and their color play a leading role in the appearance of your Exhibition Booth. For example, for small Exhibition Booths and standard Exhibition Booth structures, you usually rely on what is provided in the Exhibition Booth rental package.

It is advisable to try to deviate from what is offered as standard. Because if you choose the standard option (usually you can choose from the famous dark blue and boring grey carpet tiles), then you know you will get exactly the same as your neighbors in front, next to and behind you, which is not the best way to stand out on the stand. So, after consulting with the exhibition organization, see if you can lay your own flooring or lay flooring. Choose beautiful and unusual flooring, printed flooring or PVC, which equates to a different, eye-catching and professional stand.

3. Graphics.

Graphics (photos, illustrations, images, etc.) play a very important role in getting attention on the stand. Why not try the following approaches.

(1) Less = more. Limit the number of photos and text to a minimum. This is very important, especially in small Exhibition Booths. Fewer photos will not only ensure more attention to the photos in the Exhibition Booth, but they will also be displayed larger. Bigger means more visible.

(2) People looking at people. We are programmed to look at eyes and people. For example, images of people get more attention than images of products. Try to leverage this in your brand or product.

(3) High-contrast photos. Make sure you have high quality, high contrast photos. Of course, you can also use stock photos, but caution is advised there. Because they can easily look fake and unrealistic.

4. Text and communication.

Not only your photos, but let your text speak for itself. A good text or slogan ensures that prospects immediately understand who you are and what you are doing. If the text is engaging, the prospect is likely to stop by and spend some time at your Exhibition Booth.

5. Performances, demonstrations and other compelling features.

A green wall on which you can take pictures with celebrities, win-win, virtual games, augmented reality, product demonstrations or actors in the Exhibition Booth are all fantastic things I see when I visit trade shows. All of these are designed to attract visitors and make sure they stop by to see your Exhibition Booth.

6. Proactive Exhibition Booth staff.

If your Exhibition Booth doesn't "automatically" attract enough attention, make sure you have a proactive Exhibition Booth staff to make sure visitors notice you.

These are just a few suggestions on how to make a small Exhibition Booth stand out from the crowd. If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us!

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