Considerations for Exhibition Stand design and construction
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With the development of society, more and more exhibitions have gradually emerged as an important means for enterprises to enhance their visibility and market their products.

The appearance design and construction of Exhibition Stands can effectively enhance exhibitors' image and help them promote their brands. Therefore, every exhibitor pays more attention to the design and construction of their Exhibition Stands. So, what are the issues considered in Exhibition Stand design and construction?

Exhibition Stand

(1) The shape of the Exhibition Stand. When designing and constructing Exhibition Stands, exhibition construction companies should try to prevent those irregular Exhibition Stand shapes. Due to such a distinctive Exhibition Stand design, the Exhibition of the enterprise is easily confused with other exhibitions, which is very unfavorable to the company. Generally, the most widely used Exhibition Stand shapes are rectangular, square, round, and octagonal. This shape shows a better effect. Irregular Exhibition Stand shapes should be used with caution in exhibitions. The designer must consider the exhibitor's preferences when designing the Exhibition Stand shape, design, and construction based on the shape determined by both parties and must not change the follow-up. Otherwise, it will affect the Exhibition Stand construction effect and progress.

(2) The color of the Exhibition Stand. Professional Exhibition Stand designers will use dynamic colors to enhance the attractiveness of the Exhibition Stand. Generally speaking, regardless of background, dynamic objects are more attention and favored by exhibitors. In the process of Exhibition Stand design and construction, the proper use of color effects can make the exhibits perfect. The most common method is to set exhibits against a certain color background to highlight them better. Guoyuan Exhibition reminds exhibition designers not to treat Exhibition Stand design as an artwork. Although some artistic skills are used in Exhibition Stand design, the ultimate purpose of the Exhibition Stand is to set off exhibits and serve products. If the Exhibition Stand is treated as an artistic creation, it may defeat the original purpose of its design and construction. When designing and building an Exhibition Stand, there should be good communication between 3D designers, exhibitors, and organizers. In Exhibition Stand design, good communication can make the whole Exhibition Stand design smooth and effective. Pre-communication of Exhibition Stand design is important.

(3) Communication between designers and exhibitors. Generally speaking, exhibitors choose professional Exhibition Stand designers to design their Exhibition Stands. Before designing the Exhibition Stand, the designer must communicate well with the exhibitor. Where is the exhibition venue? Where is the specific Exhibition Stand location at the show, and also ask when the show will start, and what are the exhibitors' requirements for Exhibition Stand design? What is the purpose of the Exhibition Stand design? At the same time, we must understand the cultural heritage of the exhibitor, the characteristics of the exhibitor's industry, and what the exhibits are. What are the advantages of this industry? As an exhibitor, before designing the Exhibition Stand, ask the designer to clarify these things and inform the designer so that the designer can design the Exhibition Stand with a purpose. Suppose there are obstacles in the communication with exhibitors before the Exhibition Stand design and no timely and in-depth communication. In that case, it may affect the effectiveness of the Exhibition Stand design and even delay the construction period of the Exhibition Stand design.

(4) Exhibition Stand size and exhibitor's preference. Before designing an Exhibition Stand, find out what the exhibitor's Exhibition Stand area is. What are the exhibitor's preferences? What style do you want the Exhibition Stand to have? Suppose these questions are unclear, and the designer begins designing their Exhibition Stand. In that case, the result may not be consistent with the Exhibition Stand area, or the design may not be styled to meet the exhibitor's requirements. Generally speaking, when designing an Exhibition Stand, designers must communicate with exhibitors upfront so they can better understand the exhibitor's intentions and make the Exhibition Stand design go more smoothly.

These issues need to be considered for Exhibition Stand design and construction. If you need more detailed information, please come to contact us!

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