Why Choose Seg Fabric?
 2022/11/10 | View:435

SEG fabric is a new way of presenting products in the industry. Many people will choose seg fabric to present their products when they are preparing for exhibitions. Why do they choose seg fabric? What are its advantages?


SEG fabric

The printing is clear

Thanks to advances in thermal sublimation printing technology, SEG fabric graphics can be printed with high-resolution ideas with bright colors and rich images. The framework pulls the SEG fabric taut, creating clear, colorful graphics with no seams. SEG fabric can also be backlit to ensure that your graphics are always in the best light. All of these combine to create a bright, clean, upscale look.


Low cost

SEG fabric is a cost-effective option, especially considering transportation considerations and the service life of the SEG fabric. Large, traditional graphics printed on rigid substrates require pallet shipping, while SEG fabric can be packed into a small box and shipped via package delivery services such as the postal service.


When you plan to ship SEG fabric to more than one location, the cost savings increase significantly. SEG fabric displays are reusable and tend to last a long time, unlike traditional signs, which are prone to breakage, warping, and other damage over time. If the SEG fabric becomes dirty, it can be washed in the washing machine. And most seg fabric ships in small packages to reduce initial costs.


Easy to assemble

The aluminum frame is durable and lightweight, easy to transport and install.

SEG fabric is quick and easy to assemble and can be installed and disassembled over and over again, making it ideal for use in events or trade shows, or in retail or fast-food stores. SEG fabric is lighter and easier to handle than traditional panels.


That's why seg fabric is so popular. I hope you can learn more about the products on our website and feel free to contact us if you need anything.

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