How Do I successfully set up custom trade show booth?
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If you want to get a competitive edge at a trade show, it's vital to have a dynamic, compelling custom trade show booth. So how do you make sure you get the booth up and running? Let's have a look!


1. Design in advance


As with all things fair-related, planning is key. You should start planning while your booth is still in the design stage, designing a custom trade show booth that will reduce on-site labor time during assembly and disassembly, and getting as much ready for display as possible, reduces the chance of error at the presentation site.


2. Communicate in advance


Communicate with your booth supplier as early as possible. Call or meet at least a month in advance to discuss details and expectations. Proactive communication can limit unforeseen costs. Print or save photos of line drawings and renderings from the custom trade show booth. If everything is in order, it saves time and money.


custom trade show booth

3. Arrive Early


Arrive at the custom trade show booth during setup and monitor the pre-work. Check in advance for preparations such as under-carpet facilities, wires, network cables, and power outlets. If there are missing or misplaced facilities, can be corrected as soon as possible.


4. Install ahead of time


Knowing in advance how long it takes to build a custom trade show booth will help you determine how much labor time you should consider in your budget. You can experiment in the warehouse ahead of time, or ask your booth vendor how long it took their in-house team to build your booth to estimate what you'll see at the booth. Normally, it takes twice as long to build a stand as it takes to dismantle it, so the time set aside for dismantling the stand is only half the time it takes to build it.


Most booth systems are relatively simple to install and disassemble in a matter of minutes. And some booth systems do not require tools to install or disassemble. After the show, the customs trade show booth needs to be dismantled, packaged, and shipped back to the warehouse.


This is what you need to do before starting a custom trade show booth to make sure your show is secure, save time, and reduce labor costs.

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