Aluminum upright extrusion differs from other materials
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In the exhibition, the construction of the booth is a very important link, the construction material is an important factor affecting the quality of the booth construction, so in the design and construction of the booth must choose the appropriate materials to build, to get a safe and stylish booth. What are the building materials? What is the difference between aluminum upright extrusion and other materials?


What are the materials for the booth?

Glass, wood, metal, artificial board, etc..


How does aluminum upright extrusion differ from other materials?


Aluminum upright extrusion, stainless steel, and other metal materials are commonly used in the construction of exhibitions and conventions. These materials are usually used for support. Even if wooden structures are used, they will be wrapped in steel to ensure safety.


aluminum upright extrusion

Aluminum upright extrusion is more stable than glass and is less likely to collide.


Compared with wood, aluminum upright extrusion has better flame retardancy.


Aluminum upright extrusion is available in a wide range of sizes and sizes compared to faux panels.


The common materials used in the floor design and construction of the booth are mainly wooden floor and glass floor, as well as the carpets laid on the wooden floor and the strengthened floor and glass floor, etc. . These structural and technological requirements are not consistent, so pay attention to each layer. When laying the carpet pay attention to the carpet to add glue to the flat seam, can not have a bulge, also can not have a crack place.


That's the difference between aluminum upright extrusion and other materials. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.

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