Moveable Canopy | Foldable Tunnel Tent
 2021/08/23 | View:320

# Safe protection

# Installed at any place

# Regular disinfection


The moveable tunnel can be used in crowded places, such as shopping malls/exhibition centers and events. In the healthcare sector sanitary gate is an efficient tool for sanities in a few minutes ambulances and any mobile healthcare unit.


#Used for public disinfection

The moveable tunnel is also for public and private companies: in a few minutes, it is possible to sanitize the workforce and items before entering the manufacturing facilities to help to maintain a high level of protection & hygiene.

#Used for factory safety protection


Quite easy to fix it: after the tunnel is placed in the desired area, extend the frame, fix to the ground, or anchor with weights, available as an option extra. 

#Easy installation and installation procedures 

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