Standard System

The origin of the aluminum standard system booth since 1968. 

With structurally strong and durable tension locks, we connect octagon uprights and beams to be cubic shell scheme booths.  According to the international norm of 990mm, by choosing the 40x40mm octagon post and 16mm thickness beam. It is well accepted by the exhibition industry once it was created.

Flexible extrusions are available in different sizes, shapes, angles, and curves. Thanks to full ranges of accessories, Standard System is able to realize various functional and advanced designs and is easy to install, dismantle, transport and store. The most classic solution, yet still universal in countless scenarios. Many exhibition contractors choose this classical shell scheme package to build up exhibition booth blocks for country pavilions.

Lingtong adheres to German standards to present high-quality products. So far, Standard System has taken up 97% of domestic exhibition venues and been sold to over 104 countries. As the main option for eco-friendly exhibition stands, the classic Standard System is ready for the future. 

Upright Profiles
Also called as post, the components of the aluminum alloy, the thickness of the anodize or powder-coated is well accepted by the customers. From the center to the edge, with a theoretical radius of 20mm.
Beam Extrusions
Also called as flat bar or horizontal bar, made of aluminum alloy, with system grooves could accept the 3-4mm thickness board.
The accessories such as tension lock, adjustable foot, ceiling hook, hammerhead screw, shelf bracket, aluminum frame door, PVC panel, etc.
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