Fast System

Highly modular, highly diverse.

Exhibition stand builders are always in demand of basic components with versatility. And Fast System can be the answer.

Fast System, somebody calls it Fast Wall system. The already made frames with gasket groove could accept SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) dye-sublimation printed fabric, as well, it could accept the 3mm thickness board which stuck by velcro.

Three series in different thicknesses, 40mm (FS40), 60mm (FS60), and 80mm (FS80), are optional for various scenarios. Prefab SEG frames are applicable to both fabric and panel. Special tool-free tension locks allow fast connection to make walls, rooms, and arches – no tools required. The modular structure makes it easier to exchange individual parts, thus switch among various designs. Developed with professionals in mind, Fast System has a full range of accessories to combine with functional modules, including racks, lightboxes, and LED screens.

Quick to design, quick to install. For the Fast System, the name says it all.

The 40mm thickness fast system, some customers use it to replace the shell scheme standard booth as an upgraded solution (luxury solution), could connect to the 40x40mm square profile, and the back all looks flatter and more elegant.
Between 40mm and 80mm, this would be a choice for you to choose the size in middle, 60mm. The hole diameter size is 30mm, and we can customize the frame and hole for you.
80mm, the popular size in the design system, and the 80mm fast system is much stronger than the 60mm fast system. It is quite easy to build a linear wall.
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